They Also Served

Peter Chadwick

Privately published 2023 by Broughton District History Group.

Hard Back 594pp.

ISBN 978-1-3999-6061-8 £35 & £10 p&p

Available to collect (by arrangement - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) from The Local Studies Unit, Brynteg Library, £35 Cash or Cheque payable to ‘Broughton District History Group’ or £45 by post from Peter Chadwick, 47 Manor Way, Crewe, CW2 6JY (Cheque payable to Peter Chadwick). It’s a heavy book and p&p will be £10.

This book lists and identifies the servicemen and women of the Broughton, Brymbo and Gwersyllt areas of Wrexham, who had in any way contributed to service in connection with the Great War 1914 - 1918, whether they died in service or not).

It lists and identifies most of the names (just a few have defied research), which appear on the local War Memorials for the areas concerned, Broughton, Brymbo, Gwersyllt and Southsea.   The entries in the books ‘Broughton at War’ and ‘Brymbo Remembers’, which are now out of print, have been updated here with some corrections, additional information and names.

It also lists many connected with the areas, but who for whatever reason, were not included on the War Memorials even though they had died because of the war.

Also listed and of equal importance, are several hundred names of those who served their country during the war, whether ‘on active service’ or in ‘protected occupations’ and who survived the war, returning home to normal life after hostilities had ended.

In addition, there are several names of those who served in the military prior to the Great War. Some of these served in such places as South Africa, China and India.

There are nearly 2000 names listed, many of which have narratives of various lengths and many with photographs.

Although mention is sometimes made of battles engaged in, the object of the book is not so much the military engagements, rather than to simply identify and remember those who have long since been forgotten. A valuable local history resource.

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