Hidden Stories of Capel Tŷ Rhys graveyard, LlangoedCapel Ty Rhys Llangoed

Postcode LL58 8SA. By bus: bus stop and shelter opposite Llangoed Church.

By car: roadside parking by the church or free car park, off road, between the nearby chapel, (Capel Tŷ Rhys) up hill, and the new graveyard behind the chapel.  

On foot & by car from church: uphill (5 minute walk); first turn right, a narrow road; pass the chapel, left into the car park; cross car park, through pedestrian gate, turn right, enter graveyard through dressed stone gateposts. The graveyard is very well laid out and maintained, turf paths.

This was compiled from the Cymdeithas Hanes Teuluoedd - Gwynedd Family History Society book of Memorial Inscriptions; the number following each entry is their reference. The 2 graveyards (new and old) are in separate books.

New graveyard, at the back of the chapel - left hand side as you stand at the gateposts

1st row of headstones next to the wide path, 10th upright headstone (slate headstone & kerb, plaque on grave)

1 - Hedd perffaith hedd - Er serchog a hiraethus gof am Edward Owen, annwyl briod Catherine Owen, Tynlon Llangoed, yr hwn a fy farw Mai 2ail. 1932 yn 77 mlwydd oed, - “Ar ol ei holl flinderau dwys, Goffwyso mae mewn hedd, Ymhell o sŵn y byd a’i bwys, Heb boen yn llwch y bedd. Hefyd am eu hannwyl fab Edward, yr hwn a gwympodd yn y Rhyfel Mawr Medi 21 ain 1918, yn 33 mlwydd oed. (Also our dear son Edward who fell in the Great War, September 21st 1918, age 33.) (F31)

Edward Owen of Tyn Lon, Llangoed; educated at Beaumaris Grammar School; was working in Bootle when he signed up; died of gas poisoning at a casualty clearing station

CWGC: Edward O Owen - Royal Welsh Fusiliers 17th Bn, Lance Corporal 72826 - Died 21.09.1918 - Age 33 – Buried Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille  

1st row of headstones next to the path, 17th upright headstone on your left (grey granite, with kerb & flowerpot)

2 - Er serchog gof am R. Trevor Thomas, annwyl fab Richard a Jane Thomas, Ty’n y Rardd, Llangoed, a gollodd ei fywyd yn ngwasanaeth ei wlad ym Murma, Ebrill 17ed. 1944, yn 25 mlwydd oed. (In loving memory of R. Trevor Thomas, dear son of Richard and Jane Thomas, Ty’n y Rardd, Llangoed, who lost his life in the service of his country in Burma, April 17th 1944, age 25.) (F23)

Richard Trevor Thomas, known as Trevor; educated Beaumaris Grammar School; a gifted footballer; he worked as a ‘Steam Loco Attendant’ in the Limestone quarries; survived Dunkirk evacuation; lost his life in the Battle of Kohima (it turned the tide against the Japanese invasion of Myanmar / India)

CWGC: Richard Trevor Thomas - 1st Bn. Royal Welch Fusiliers, Fusilier 4197089 – Died 17.04.1944 - Buried Kohima War Cemetery, India (Indian / Burmese border)

Second row in, 22nd upright headstone from entrance

3 - Er serchog gof am y diweddar E. W. Jones, 5 Coedwig Terrace a fu farw Gorffenaf 14, 1948, yn 75 mlwydd oed. Hefyd am ei annwyl fab J. E. Jones, a gollodd ei fywyd yng ngwasanaeth ei wlad, ar Ynys Moena, ger Celebes, Mehefin 9, 1945, yn 24 mlwydd oed. (Also their dear son J. E. Jones who lost life in the service of his country, at the Island of Moena, near Celebes, September 9, 1945, age 24.) (G19)

John Edward Jones lived at Coedwig Terrace, Penmon; attended Beaumaris Grammar School; died in the Far East - possibly of disease whilst he was a prisoner of war. I have, so far failed to find John on the 1939 Register – but his father is listed as a ‘Retired Railway Clerk’.

CWGC: John Edward Jones – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Leading Aircraftman 1185783 – Died 09.06.1945 - Age 29 - Buried Ambon War Cemetery, Indonesia

Third row in, 11th from the wall opposite the gateposts (flat grave with kerb & plaque, no headstone)

4 – David Evans, J.P. 1870–1957. Late of Cynlais, Penmon. High Sheriff of Anglesey 1933-1934.

David Evans, brought up in Llangoed; builder of the ‘Welsh Streets’ in Liverpool and Birkenhead; he named his house in Birkenhead ‘Cynlais’; commissioned and paid for the chair at the 1917 Birkenhead Eisteddfod, made by Eugeen Vanfleteren of Malines in Belgium, now known as ‘Y Gadair Ddu’ or the Black Chair – it was won by Ellis Humphrey Evans (Hedd Wyn) who died in war, before his success was announced - the chair was draped in black to signify the loss.                          Not a military casualty (H11)


Right hand side as you stand at the gateposts

From the gateposts, immediate right, 2nd row on your left, 1st headstone (slate headstone & kerb)

5 - Er serchog gof am Fanny Evans, Bryn Tirion, Llangoed a fu farw Medi 13, 1959, yn 74 oed. Hefyd Robert Evans, a hunodd Mawrth 2, 1962 yn 77 oed. Hefyd eu mab Sgt. Robert Evans, (Welsh Guards) a gollodd ei fywyd yn Nijmegen, Medi 6, 1944, yn 28 oed. (Also their son, Sgt. Robert Evans, (Welsh Guards) who lost his life at Nijmegen, September 6, 1944, age 28.) (D20)

Robert Evans, brought up at Tyddyn Grugor, Llangoed; probably died in hospital of wounds; lived in Holyhead, worked as a Police Constable; married to Margaret Ann and they had a son.

CWGC: Robert Evans – 2nd Bn. Welsh Guards, Lance Serjeant 2733991 - Died 08.09.1944 - Age 28 - Buried in Leopoldsburg War Cemetery, Limburg, Belgium

From the gateposts, immediate right, 3rd row on your left, 3rd headstone in

6 - In loving memory Elizabeth Lewis Prewer, Aelfor, Penmon who died May 28, 1962 aged 72 years and Fred John Prewer, beloved husband of the above who died Dec. 17, 1988 aged 95 years. “Rest in peace” Also Sgt. David Prewer RAFVR, beloved son of the above reported missing 20 April 1944 aged 22. (C19)

David Prewer, son of a Gardener, family moved from Barmouth to Llanfair PG to Penmon; David attended Barmouth & Beaumaris Grammar Schools; worked for Daimler as a skilled engineer (reserved occupation), witnessed the result of German bombing raids on Coventry; volunteered for RAFVR; served as Bomb Aimer (Lancaster), shot down over France; parents lived in Penmon.

CWGC: David Prewer - Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 44 Sqdn., Sergeant 1681110 – Died 21.04.1944 - Age 30 – Commemorated Runnymede Memorial

Old graveyard, front of chapel - enter through chapel gates (avoid private house); immediately left, gate into the old graveyard and steps. Be aware of unsafe steps and uneven ground.

Climb steps, furthest right, 2nd headstone in from chapel

7 – Er cof am Richard Owen Williams, anwyl blentyn Wm. a Jane Williams, Pen Fron Terrace, Penmon, yr hwn a fu farw Gorphenaf 12 fed 1901, yn 4 blwydd a 6 mis oed. . . . Hefyd Jane, anwyl briod Wm. Williams 1 Penyfron, Penmon, yr hon a hunodd Hydref 10 1951 yn 79 mlwydd oed. . . . Hefyd William (Gwilym Seiriol) a farw Mehefin 6 1956 yn 89 mlwydd oed . . . (In memory of Richard Owen Williams, dear son of Wm. and Jane Williams, Pen Fron Terrace, Penmon, he died July 12th 1901, age 4 years and 6 months . . . Also Jane, dear wife of Wm. Williams 1 Penyfron, Penmon who died October 10 1951 at the age of 79. . . Also William (Gwilyn Seiriol) who died June 6 1956 at the age of 89 . . . (A088)

William Williams, bardic name ‘Gwilym Seiriol’; a local Quarryman, wrote poems in memory of Henry Pritchard (Lieutenant Royal Welsh Fusiliers, attached Royal Naval Division) and John Henry Parry (Private RWF), both Penmon lads, one is commemorated and the other buried in the churchyard of St Seiriol, Penmon.                                   Not a military casualty

Researched and compiled by Bridget Geoghegan to the memory of John Reilly, RSM 4th Hussars at the Battle of Balaclava (Charge of the Light Brigade); Lt 8th Hussars at the Battle of Gwalior; killed in action 21st June 1858.