The Hidden Stories of St Tegfan and Capel Barachia graveyards, LlandegfanSt Tegfan Llandegfan

Churchyard of St Tegfan, Llandegfan:

Enter the churchyard through the main gate, follow the path left and on your left, immediately past the corrugated iron hut and next to the wall (overgrown in Dec 2020)

1 – Er cof am - Hugh Richard anwyl blentyn . . . Hefyd ei mab Daniel - 20th Kings Liverpool Regt. - yr hwn a gwypodd ar faes y frwydr yn Somme - Gorphenaf 30, 1916 yn 23 oed.

Private Daniel Morris 22175 20th Battalion, The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment; born in Llandegfan, family lived at Ca’r Ffynnon Llandegfan, enlisted in Liverpool where he probably worked; was reported missing at the Battle of the Somme, later declared killed in action Sunday 10th July 1916; commemorated on Thiepval Memorial and on family headstone in churchyard of St Tegfan (D001)

Walk to the cemetery extension and turn right across the grave area to the parallel path, 2 large rough granite crosses face you, the right hand one

2 – Isabel Sarah – Perry-Knox-Gore . . . Lt. Col. Wilfred Henry - Cullen Pery-Knox-Gore - Royal Welsh Fusiliers - and Royal Tank Corps - born 1st Sept. 1888 - dec. (deceased) 3rd Aug. 1947.

Not a war casualty; 2nd Lieutenant Wilfred Henry Cullen Pery-Knox-Gore, Royal Anglesey Royal Engineers from 1903; Royal Welsh Fusiliers 1914 – 18; Major, later Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Tank Corps; retired 1st February 1925; buried in family grave in churchyard of St Tegfan, Llandegfan; not a war casualty (F111)

Walk two rows further into the area of graves (inscription at the very bottom of the headstone)

3 – In Loving Memory - of - Edward John Molyneux . . . Also - Gunner Edward James Molyneux, R.G.A. - who died of wounds in France, November 18th 1917 - Aged 20 years

Gunner Edward Molyneux 310537 144th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery; eldest son of Mr E Molyneux of Brynteg Terrace, Llandegfan; worked at Penrhyn Castle Gardens; died on Sunday 18th November 1917 of wounds received on 16th November; age 20; buried Tincourt New British Cemetery, Somme, France and remembered on the family headstone in churchyard of St Tegfan, Llandegfan churchyard (F128)             

Back to the path, face the church, on right just after the large tree, 3rd row, smaller slate headstone

4In memory of - Richard Owen - Pen y Bonk . . . Also John Creighton - aged 21 years - of H.M.S. ‘Invincible’ - second son of the above -who met his death at the - Naval Battle off Jutland - May 31st 1916.

Stoker John Creighton, 6606S, Royal Naval Reserve, drowned when HMS Indefatigable sank at the Battle of Jutland on Wednesday 31st May 1916; age 21; commemorated on Portsmouth Naval Memorial and on family headstone, Llandegfan churchyard (D140)

Follow path towards church, on left, partly obscured by another, heavily leaning headstone; this is a CWGC burial with a family headstone

5 – Er Serchog Goffadwriaeth am - David - Anwyl fab William a Grace Williams - Plas Lodge, Llandegfan - Yr hwn a fu farw Mai 13ed 1916 - Yn 28 Mlwydd Oed.

Driver David Williams 63045 Signal Department, Royal Engineers; son of William Williams, family lived at Penlon Llandegfan (later Tynlon Bach); accidentally wounded in the trenches when his pick hit a bomb, evacuated to Eastern General Hospital in Cambridge where he died on Saturday 13th May 1916; age 29; buried churchyard of St Tegfan, Llandegfan (E003)

Back on the path; next to last headstone on the right, before wall

6 – Er serchog gof - am - Mary - annwyl briod Humphrey Roberts . . . Hefyd - George - mab y dywedig (12th F. Co. R.E.) - yr hwn a gwympodd ar Faes y Gwaed - yn Ffrainc, Medi 6ed 1917 - yn 29 mlwydd oed - ac a gladdwyd yn Philosophy Bethune.

Sapper George Roberts 146835 12th Field Company, Royal Engineers; born Llandegfan, family lived at Bryniau Duon Llandegfan, married to Mrs Margaret E Roberts of West Lynne, 1 Charlton Street, Llandudno; killed in action Thursday 6th September 1917; age 29; buried Philosophe British Cemetery, France; also remembered on family headstone in Llandegfan churchyard (D173). Note that he died in September 1917, following his mother’s death in February that year.

Behind previous headstone and slightly to the right, a CWGC burial, family headstone

7 – Er Cof annwyl am - William Jones - Penmaen, Llandegfan - Yr hwn a fu farw Mai 30ain 1915. - Yn 38 Mlwydd Oed

Private William Jones 25965 17th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers; lived at Penmon (or Penmaen) Llandegfan; died of pneumonia whilst in training camp in Llandudno on Sunday 30th May 1915; age 34; buried in the churchyard of St Tegfan, Llandegfan (D150)

Turn left at the wall, 4th row on left, 2nd headstone in

8 - Er serchog gof am - Gaynor Griffiths . . . Hefyd ei hannwyl briod Henry Griffiths a gollwyd ar y mor Rhyfel 1939–45

Carpenter Henry Griffiths, Merchant Navy, lost his life whilst on board the SS Biela; she was chased by a U-boat, hit by torpedoes and sunk on 15th February 1942. All hands were lost. Henry Griffiths is commemorated on Tower Hill Memorial; not on Llandegfan War Memorial (E058)


Follow the path round the corner, the pink granite tomb on your right

9 - Also of – John Roberts – son of the above . . . Harold Madoc - son of the above - born Sep 1, 1873 - killed in action near Ypres - July 31, 1917.

Lieutenant Harold Madoc Jones, Royal Welsh Fusiliers 17th Battalion; son of the late John Robert (of Bodfeirig) and Eunice Martha Jones (later of Bryn Cadnant); educated Christ College Brecon and University College of Wales Aberystwyth; a teacher; twice Mentioned in Despatches; killed in action Tuesday 31.07.1917; age 38; commemorated on Menin Gate at Ypres, Christ College Brecon, Aberystwyth University, Wraysbury War Memorial in Berkshire & family grave in churchyard of St Tegfan, Llandegfan (E085)

Immediately behind, a plain cross on a tall pedestal

10 - To the loving memory - of – Harriet . . . Also son of the above - No. 3543A Pte. J. W. Meredith - 10th Battalion Australian Infantry - Killed in action at Glencourse Wood - near Ypres, France - Sept. 20th 1917 aged 26.

Private John William Meredith 3543 Australian Infantry; son of Mary Ann and John William Meredith (Meredydd) of Castellior; killed in action Thursday 20.09.1917; age 25; commemorated on Menin Gate in Ypres, War Memorial plaque in Church of St Sadwrn Llansadwrn, Cenotaph on St Tysilio in Menai Bridge & family grave in churchyard of St Tegfan, Llandegfan (E097)

Next to Madoc Jones, a granite tomb

11 – In Memory of - Frederick Salis Schwabe – of Garth-y-Don – who died March 26 1917 - aged 72. - Also of Fanny Georgina his wife – born 12th September 1949 – died 25th April 1939.

This grave is to Frederick and Fanny Schwabe who attended this church; Frederick was a Church Warden and as such is named on a brass plaque in the chancel; their connection with the area was from Glyn Garth, a holiday house built by Salis Schwabe (Frederick’ father); Frederick and Fanny were childless, Fanny may have asked for her nephew Maurice Schwabe to be remembered on the Llandegfan War Memorial; he volunteered with the Highland Light Infantry as Maurice Shaw, was possibly shot by German Officer Prisoners of War, whilst on escort duty (it has been suggested they thought he was a traitor as he spoke fluent German); he died 30th September 1915; age 44; buried Le Treport Cemetery, France (E086)

Walk back, face church, follow path round to the left, on your right a tall slate headstone

12 - Er serchog gof - am - Thomas Llewelyn . . . Hefyd Eleazer eu mab - a fu farw Hydref 27ain 1925 - yn 34 mlwydd oed. ‘ Gwasanaethodd yn y Rhyfel Mawr -1914 – 1918 yn y Welsh Regt.

Eleazer Llewelyn Jones, not an official war casualty; Welsh Regiment; died October 27 1925; age 34; buried in family grave in churchyard of St Tegfan, Llandegfan (C042)

Note: if the church porch is open, take a look at the wooden shrine, to men lost in the Great War. It is usually decorated with flowers.

Cemetery of Capel Barachia, Llandegfan:

Enter through the main chapel gate, 10th grave on left

13 – Er serchog gof am John Owen . . . Hefyd am Bob ei ail fab a gwympodd yn Ffrainc Medi 6, 1918, yn 26 mlwydd oed.

Private Robert Owen 49013 17th Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers; born Llandegfan, family lived at Bryn Cottage Llandegfan, enlisted in Altrincham Cheshire; killed in action Friday 6th September 1918; age 26; commemorated Vis-en-Artois Memorial, France and on family headstone at Capel Barachia, Llandegfan (156)

12th grave on left

14 - Er serchog gof am Grace Jones . . . Hefyd Walter Jones a gollodd ei fywyd yn Ffrainc Gorffenaf 10fed 1916 yn 24 mlwydd oed

Private Walter Jones 20932 14th Battalion, Royal Welch Fusiliers; adopted son of Mrs G Jones, lived at Penrorsedd Llandegfan; killed in action at the Battle of Mametz Wood Monday 10th July 1916; age 24; commemorated Thiepval Memorial and on family headstone at Capel Barachia, Llandegfan (154)

Turn to face the Chapel building, next row, headstone now lies flat

15 – Ef cof annwyl am blant Harry a Mary Parry . . . Moses, a rhoddodd ei fwyd dros ei wlad yn mrwdr Crete Mai 29, 1941, yn 25 mlwydd oed

Private Moses Parry 396725, 1st Battalion Welch Regiment; killed in action 23rd May 1941; age 25 in Greece, buried Suda Bay Military Cemetery on Crete; commemorated on his brother’s grave Capel Barachia, Llandegfan (143)

Compiled from the Cymdeithas Hanes Teuluoedd Gwynedd Family History Society - Memorial Inscriptions

Researched and compiled by Bridget Geoghegan to the memory of John Reilly, RSM 4th Hussars at the Battle of Balaclava; Lt 8th Hussars at the Battle of Gwalior; killed in action 21st June 1858.