Emlyn Jones Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 162885, Royal Navy

 Emlyn Jones was a career Royal Navy Signalman who was serving on HMS Anking at the time of his death.   From his parents’ headstone in the churchyard of Llanbedrgoch, he grew up at Tyn y Giat Llanbedrgoch, but the family later moved to 35 Penmaen Road, Morfa by Conwy.

The British ship HMS Anking was a depot and supply ship on British Admiralty service. From the website Wikiswire.com: Dec 1941. Taken over by the Royal Navy at Singapore and converted to a depot ship, based in Malta. Due to the bombing of Malta, the ship based depots were moved ashore, and in 1942 was transferred to Batavia, Tjilatjap, where used as a communications and stores vessel. The Anking left Batavia on February 27th 1942, for Fremantle.

From the web page wrecksite.eu: On 4th March 1942, 280 miles south of Java. At sunrise, 3 Japanese heavy cruisers Atago, Takao and Maya and destroyers Arashi and Nowaki attacked an allied convoy, consisting of transport Anking, tanker Francol and minesweeper MMS-51, escorted by Australian sloop HMAS Yarra. HMAS Yarra (Capt Rankin) ordered her convoy to scatter, she setup a smokescreen and then, in an unbelievable brave act of heroism, headed to fight the enemy cruisers and destroyers in order to try to save the other ships. For more than 90 minutes, Yarra fought against an overwhelming enemy until she was silenced, becoming a blazing wreck and sinking beneath the waves. Despite Yarra's sacrifice, the Japanese sank all three ships in the convoy. The Japanese force picked up one boatload of survivors from Francol, but a large boatload of survivors were never seen again. Passing Dutch vessel Tawali rescued 57 officers and men from Anking. MMS-51 with 14 in two carley floats were picked up by the Dutch steamer Tjimanoek on 7th March. Yarra's 34 survivors (from 151) were not so lucky, their two rafts drifting at the mercy of the ocean, wounds, exposure and thirst taking their toll. By the 9th of March, when the Dutch Submarine K-11 found them, only 13 of the 34 were still alive.


Churchyard of St Pedr, Llanbedrgoch (St Peter): Er serchog gof am annwyl briod Richard 35 Penmaen Road, Morfa, a hunodd Gorph 20 1946 yn 54 mlwydd oed. Hefyd ei chwaer Elizabeth Evans Tyn y Giat o’r plwyf hwn a hunodd Mai 6 1960 yn 75 mlwydd oed. Eu mab Sig. Emlyn Jones a gollodd ei fywyd ar y mor yn y Dwyrain pell Mawrth 4 1942 yn 19 mlwydd oed. “A’u hun, mor dawel yw.”

(Their son Sig. Emlyn Jones lost his life at sea in the Far East, March 4 1942, 19 years of age.)

He is remembered by the Conwy War Memorial, originally in Castle Square, now in Bodlondeb Park. There are no names inscribed but the History Points website carries details as for CWGC

naval-history.net: JONES, Emlyn, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX 162885, Anking, 4 March 1942, ship loss, MPK     (missing presumed killed)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission: Ordinary Signalman Emlyn Jones - Service No: D/JX 162885 - Died: Wednesday 04.03.1942 - Aged: 18 - H.M.S. Anking Royal Navy - Son of Richard and Ellin Jones, of Conway, Caernarvonshire; commemorated Plymouth Naval Memorial

His parents’ grave is not yet recorded on The War Graves Photographic Project