North Wales Western Front Association

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 2018 meetings

Nov 3 : Trevor Adams: What Happened Next? The Aftermath of WWI

The talk looks at the period from the end of WWI up until the early 1920s, starting off with the British Isles experience and showing those themes are not unique but applied in Europe and beyond – disputed treaties, anarchy, paramilitary forces, civil wars, military interventions, displaced persons, new names, new borders, and new countries.

The lot of the servicemen will be considered - remembrance, memorials, cemeteries and unemployment.

The widely-spread disposition of the army and navy post-WWI, will be examined in the light of the altered world order, and British colonial over-ambition.

The post-war world order will be looked at. Friends became foes and foes became friends. New powers and countries emerged on the world scene as others disappeared. The effects of the treaties will be discussed in redrawing the map of Europe and beyond.

But overall, where did this lead to? By 1939, there were fewer democracies in Europe than in 1914, and ultimately WWII did, in fact, happen.

Dec 1 : Christmas Meal